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Climb Higher is all about improving yourself so I want to acknowledge you right from the start. It takes courage, commitment and effort to want to improve your life and performance. Entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and influencers, Climb Higher is for you. The path to excellence and self improvement never ends for those who have a growth mindset.

I’m forever on the road to the Top.

I’m Jason. I’m a husband, Father, son and brother. And I’m a Climber.

I’m forever climbing higher on the road to personal development and self discovery. I can say some spots have been rough, rocky, with uneven terrain. I’ve faced elements unexpected with ever changing landscapes. I’ve pushed myself to terrifying heights with disorienting altitudes; and I’ve hung on the edge. I realized that heightened views come with desire, hustle and focus. Yet, with each step up, I recognize that the crowd thins, the path gets narrower the air grows crisper. Well past the point of no-turning-back, the clouds disappear, and with clarity of vision I see it. My goals. My summit. And I climb higher.

My passion, and my purpose is to bring you, friend, to the top… to uncover your potential, to ignite your passions, to push you to the edge of where you thought you could go, to your peak of boundless possibilities. I’ll be the toughest coach you’ve ever had; but I’ll be your best.

I’ll be your basecamp, your safe place. Together, we’ll define your personal summit and I’ll give you the tools to get to the top. I’ll fuel you with resources, making you resilient and focused. I’ll be with you for every footfall of your ascent. I’ll reduce your risks and help you climb above your fears. I’ll remind you to breath and pick you up should you fall. I’ll challenge you, prepare you and push you.

Although it won’t be easy, I guarantee you the view at the top will be worth it. This is your Summit. Climb Higher.

More about me:

Football scholarship to University of North Carolina

Founder and CEO of Trinity Fitness

Private pilot’s license with instrument flight rating (IFR)

Married to his wife, Wendy, for 28 years

Raised four wonderful children

Continual climber on the path to high performance in life


Climb Higher Coaching has been a game-changer for me personally and my team. The team gathers every Monday morning with Jason through Zoom to focus on a specific performance habit that relates to winning in all areas of life. I can’t think of a more impactful way to set a positive tone for the week. He continually follows up throughout the week to keep us on task and challenges us through encouragement and accountability. One of Jason’s greatest gifts is asking the right questions that lead to self-discovery and growth opportunities. Climb Higher coaching has been the best investment I have ever made professionally.

Eric Waechter, President of Active Lending

I have Jason as my High Performance coach to walk me through bettering myself as a person, business owner, father, and husband. High Performance Coaching has helped me prioritize between my personal and professional life. I have grown tremendously with the help of Jason’s exceptional ability to coach and lead improvemen

Shawn Sheibani, One Source Insurance
Through Jason’s coaching I have seen personal growth in myself and my team, especially in the areas of mindset, self-awareness, fear, and distractions, but most of all asking myself this important question, ‘How do I want to show up today for the people I serve and influence?
Jodi Williams, Juice Plus Company

Going through Climb Higher High Performance Coaching has taught me that every day and every interaction is an opportunity to be my best self. I’ve learned to create my own energy, and with that, I’m able to show up for my family, friends, and co-workers on a level I never thought was achievable. I realized the capability of my mind and discovered that my untapped potential is so much greater than I ever thought.

Sergeant Michael Palmisano, U.S. Army

Jason has been instrumental in my success of scaling my business. His desire to show up and ask the hard questions really helped me grow emotionally. I love how he gives practical assignments to dig into how I view the world and my role in it

Leala Dunn, Juice Plus Company

My coaching sessions with Jason have been life-changing. Living life with intentionality is difficult in today’s world. Having a coach like Jason to push, encourage, and challenge me has elevated every area of my life. I’m waking up each morning excited for ways I can grow

Daniel Hoffman, Active Lending

Jason strikes the perfect balance between challenge and cheerleading. He lives high performance making it natural for him to bring others to the top.

Steve Brimmer

Jason’s High Performance Coaching has helped me grow as an individual. The coaching sessions have helped me slow down and think about my day-to-day actions and how I can improve. Jason has served as a guide to help me achieve my goals and have a greater impact on those around me.

Luke Nobienski, Active Lending

Jason’s coaching sessions have seriously changed my life in every aspect. I have become so much more aware and focused on self growth not only personally, but also professionally. He challenges and pushes me to become the best version of myself

Zach York, Active Lending
I have enjoyed the encouragement and accountability that my high performance coach has shared with me. The group setting was good because I was able to learn from the others as they were challenged in different ways and it gave me a way to relate back to improve myself and climb higher. I would highly recommend coaching with Jason!
Jaden McCart, Allstate Insurance

Jason’s Climb Higher Coaching has significantly increased performance in all aspects of my life. From business to personal, I’ve seen heightened levels of achievement.

Austin Waechter, Active Lending

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