Free Full Length
Nutritional Seminar

“People ask me, “Jason, how do you have such high levels of energy all the time? Do you drink Starbucks all day?” I always get a laugh from that. I don’t believe people need more coffee or Monster Energy drinks. I believe people need to pay more attention to their physiology ie. how much they are moving, how much water they are drinking and what they are putting into their bodies nutritionally. In this full length, live nutrition seminar I give my “secrets” to how I have fine tuned my nutrition to fuel my body for maximum energy, stamina and vibrancy. I share why (a little bit of the science) behind why I eat the way I do as well as my psychology behind it.
This is part of high performance my friend. You must give attention to how you are fueling your body. Enjoy and thank you for being here!

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